Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time to clean the floors...

The days of immobility are long over! As I'm watching Carly manuever her way around the floor-rolling, scooting, pushing up and even getting on all fours, I'm starting to realize that it's time to clean the floors. I mean really clean the floors! It seems like she'll be crawling before we know it! Time to train the big sister how to keep all her "valuables" off the floor and out of reach from her inquisitive sister-especially her mouth.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday Carly!

Can you believe it? Carly is 6 months old today! Happy half-birthday precious one! Here's what she's accomplished in 6 short months.

Gained 11.3 lbs
Grew 8.25 inches
Has 1 tooth
Besides her bottle, she can eat oatmeal, green beans, carrots, peas and applesauce
Can say 'mmmmmm'
Can laugh when she's happy (which is about all the time!)
Can cry when she's sad (tired) , mad (mainly hungy) or when she's hurt (those bad shots!)
Can smile
Can roll from her back to her belly
Can sit up
Can actually play with toys and not just chew them (which she still likes to do)
Can sleep about 16 hrs a day
Can stand to be kissed about a jillion times a day (who can resist those cheeks!)
Is fascinated by her big sister Leah and football on TV
Loves the B-I-N-G-O song (especially when you say the letter B - it cracks her up)
Loves to watch her Papa when he's home

Such a big girl Carly! We love you with all our hearts! (Leah's favorite way to say I love you)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Carly and The Exersaucer

Carly's favorite thing right now, besides her sister Leah and her papa, is the exersaucer. Literally, she could spend hours in it! She loves that thing. She plays in it, she eats it and even falls asleep in it! Here are some recent pics of her and the exersaucer.

Happy Carly!

working in her teeth

Sleeping Beauty

Friday, January 18, 2008

6 months!

We can hardly believe our baby is 6 months old! Ok, technically it's Wednesday but we had her check up Friday morning. Here are her new stats:

Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz - 75 percentile (leah at 6 months - 15 lbs 14 oz)

Height: 28 1/4 inches - between the 75 and 90 percentile (leah - 27 inches)

Head: 16 1/2 inches - 50 percentile (leah - the same)

4 more shots - 2 in each chunky thigh and a lot of tears! Nurse Nancy felt so bad and we think Carly was committing her face to memory. I picked her up after her shots and she just gave Nurse Nancy the stare down.

And another big change - the first tooth! Just one so far - bottom right. You can feel the little ridges but not really see it unless you are looking for it. No wonder she's been chewing EVERYTHING she can get to her mouth, including her toes, and drooling like crazy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eatin' time

Well we have moved on to more than the bottle. Carly is almost 6 months old and has started eating cereal and now vegetables. Does any baby really like the cereal? Maybe when we add fruit to the food mix she'll dig it a little better. As for the vegetables - green beans and carrots so far and she LOVES them. What I don't love? Carly blowing raspberries while she eats. I think she is the messiest eater around! Nothing like finding dots of carrots everywhere!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sweet Leah

Many times I think about one word that I would use to sum up my girls - like one word would really do it, but I think about it. And since the minute Leah was born it was "sweet". And she still is. Her sweet, tender heart. Her sweet smile. But sometimes what's under her "sweetness" rears its ugly head and yesterday was one of those days. Usually the sweetness disappears if she doesn't get her nap in or keeps pushing her nap time later or if she's hungry. This was one of those pushing back nap times for her. As I was feeding Carly she decided to let all the ugliness out and of course I was fairly defenseless as I was feeding. After a spanking and sending her to her room, where I hoped she would lay on her bed and fall asleep, the ugliness continued. Yelling, screaming, crying, etc. What fun! After I fed Carly I went to deal with Leah. We talked and got her settled down and then eventually settled for her nap, but the really sweet and tender moment came during our nighttime prayers. I asked her how her behavior was that day and she said, "Bad. Do you think God is mad at me?" I assured her that he wasn't mad but maybe disappointed in how she acted, but that He still loved her - even more that Mama and Papa do. So as she prayed (all by herself) she apologized to God and asked for forgiveness and thanked Him for loving her even when she's not behaving. It was a long prayer and she sang it too which made it even sweeter and more precious. When she got up this morning she couldn't wait to tell Papa about her prayer and that God loves her more than Mama and Papa do. I love you sweet Leah!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bitter disappointment...

Ahhh, I started to write this great post (well I thought it was great anyway) yesterday but then wasn't able to finish it due to gymnastics (Leah), work (me), and getting our tv replaced (long story but in a nutshell we have been waiting since thanksgiving to get it fixed and they approved a replacement so we had to take it back and get a new one) and then it was game time. So much anticipation, so much hope, so much riding on the line and now this Adkins house - well at least the mama Adkins is in a state of unhappiness and disappointment today. Oh Bucks!! I told Leah that they lost last night (they were up 10-0 when she went to bed) and she said, "WHAT! That is SO unfair!" Yes my little buckeye girl, it is unfair but that's part of life. I still love my buckeyes but I would like to be a national champ today!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Pictures

These are the cookies and chocolate milk we left out for Santa. Leah insisted on chocolate milk because it's Santa's favorite. We were supposed to make M&M cookies but we ran out of time. And we also forgot to leave carrots out for the reindeer. But Leah said we could just do it next year.

This is one of Leah's pigs. For some reason she LOVES pigs! I'm guessing it's because they are pink. This one oinks, grunts and squeals. Charming! She also got pig pajamas.

Carly's first Christmas! She's
overwhelmed with excitment!

Leah's Rose Petal Cottage

Thumps in the Night

So as Dan and I were going to bed around midnight (thanks to the orange bowl) we kept hearing these thumps from upstairs. It sounded like someone was coming down the stairs but we knew both girls were in bed and we could clearly hear the thumps through the monitor. Then we realized that it was Carly. She loves to pick up both her legs (while lying down) and drop them to the floor, her mattress, wherever she is lying down. It is a funny thing to both watch and listen too once you know what it is. What an ab workout! I tried it - failingly of course thanks to my post-baby (or should I say babies!) lack of ab muscle! We again woke to thumps in the morning as Carly was starting to wake up for the morning. Love my girls!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Hoopla!

Well we survived a very fun and very crazy Christmas and New Years! This was Leah's first "real" Christmas! She totally understood the whole Santa-thing. Even wrote and mailed him a letter and received a response! She only asked for one thing, The Rose Petal Cottage. Good thing Santa was able to find it for her (after lots of shopping and online searching). It was the hit gift for her. And for her friends when they came over on New Years Eve to ring in the New Year! Well, okay, they really only rang in until about 8 o'clock. But hey, the kids were only 3 and younger! I would have to say she's a little overloaded on gifts though. We have put some away so in a couple weeks/month she'll still have new toys to play with. One of my goals for this year is to start the whole toy-rotating thing. First we have to get organized and declutter!

Our dear Carly on the other hand was still sleeping (she's so easy!!) when Leah got up so Leah had her own Christmas for a while. She (Carly) got just a couple things. Thankfully we don't have to do the "even" amount of gift things yet. Hopefully we have a couple years before that starts. But she loves her sing along stage and her new teethers. I can't wait til those first few (we think 4 are coming in at once) break through. Our very sweet and laid-back girl gets a little fussy with teething. Just like her big sister though, Orajel is our best friend! It's like a magic drug for her. And mama's favorite gift for her - her new Ohio State bow! She needs some new digs for the big game on Monday! Go Bucks!! And Carly LOVES to watch football. That's my girl for sure! Whenever football is on she cranes her neck, angles or rolls her body so she can see the tv. It's a funny, funny thing!
So Christmas was really fun with gift opening and then traveling to Big Papa's house (my grandpa) and then on to my mom's house. What a busy, crazy day!! I think we finally got settled for the night around 9pm. Long day for my girls! And they never sleep the first night at Mimi's house. It actually took 3 nights this time. Dan and I were so tired!! Our last night at my mom's they finally slept!
Now we are in recovery mode and getting back on schedule! Carly bounces back much easier than Leah. But one postive thing is that Leah is asking to go back to school! That's a miracle for sure!
I'll post some holiday pics once I find my camera! It's lost in the holiday mess! :)