Friday, January 30, 2009

5 Things

Today's edition is brought to you by Dan. He noticed that I had yet to post something. Thanks love! You are the best! I'm not totally sure he wants me to post this but I'm going to.

from Dan:
5 Things I love about my wife:
1. Your steadfast support, even through the difficult times
2. The strong example you provide for our children
3. Your deep desire to follow God into an uncertain future
4. Your sometimes goofy personality that compliments mine so well
5. Your unconditional love for your family, despite our many flaws

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Carly is growing by leaps and bounds. I can't believe that she is 18 months old already.

One of her newest things is "cheers". Every time time she has a cup, she'll hold it up and say "chees" - her version of "cheers.". This morning we cheered our milk, pancakes, and a Winnie the Pooh bear tin that holds a couple of Leah's card games.

Here she is riding her inchworm she got for Christmas. Cute, isn't she?

Friday, January 23, 2009

5 Random Things

So I couldn't think of a five theme for today. Maybe my brain is fried from everyone being sick...again. Thankfully we are all better now. So here we go...

1. My favorite pizza toppings: pepperoni and banana peppers
2. Carly is obsessed with baby dolls (she calls them na-na's) and Dora and will carry as many things as she can in her arms. This week she had 5 baby dolls in her arms at one. Usually it's babies but sometimes it's blankets, books, combination of different things.
3. Leah will be turning 5 in couple weeks and we are having so much fun planning her Fancy Nancy Tea Party.
4. It's a balmy 46 degrees outside and it's giving me spring fever today.
5. I'm currently reading The Bible in One Year. I'm determined to actually do it this year but I'm a few days behind.

Any random things you want to share with me?

Friday, January 16, 2009

five things I would have with me on a deserted island

1. my bible
2. chapstick
3. matches or a trigger lighter
4. toilet paper
5. sunscreen

What would you have?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Childhood Flashback

Let's just start by saying that it is so pretty outside! We have inches of snow and huge, falling flakes. We would so be outside playing if Leah didn't have a cold/fever that's kept her out of dance yesterday and school today.Since it's snowy and cold out, plus Leah's a tad under the weather, we had chicken noodle soup for lunch. Nothing too unusual since Leah loves soup. But today I made PB&J on saltine crackers. Have you ever had that? I remember my mom making them for us when we were little. LOVE THEM! Thanks Mom! My girls loved them too. Carly ate almost 3 cracker sandwiches alone! Leah wanted to make her own and she decided to add some apple pieces on hers. Of course I had to try them for her and they were pretty good. It was fun to share something I loved as a little girl with them.

What about you? Do you have any special childhood food memories that you have shared with your little ones?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Carly's 5 Newest Words

1. down
2. button (sounds like uh-on)
3. Ow (this is my favorite right now. Whenever she get's hurt or hits her head she'll stop for a second and then say 'ow'.)
4. blue
5. green
(I had no clue the girl knew some colors. I'll have to start really working with her.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year and A Little Disney

Happy 2009!

I can't believe it's been forever since I've blogged. We've had tons going on from our Disney trip, to Christmas and the New Year. I hope you all had a blessed and joyous holiday season. We certainly did - minus the plane trip home from Disney, but I'll blog about that later!
Here are some of the favorite Disney pics so far.

Leah meeting her all time favorite princess, Snow White.
I LOVE this pic of Dan and Leah with Minnie!

Carly napping in the stroller. We wore her out most days.

Leah and one of her favorite rides - the teacups!