Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Updates

Just some random stuff about the girls.

Carly: I would have said we are potty-trained since she has had no accidents and has been dry at nap and through the night for the last three days but today she decided to pee downstairs. Nice.

Breakfast: The girls love carnation instant breakfast shakes in the morning. We usually add a banana and peanut butter for some flavor boost. Carly calls them "chocolate movies."

Manners: When I encourage Carly to use her manners, she says "ok my dear". In fact, I think her favorite thing to say is "my dear". Here you go my dear. Yes my dear.

Christmas: The girls favorite Christmas gift by far is their dollhouse from Mimi. The both play with it so well together. Yes together! It's slightly taller than Leah and has an elevator! The L.O.V.E it! Here is a picture of what it looks like.

Picnic: Today we had an inside picnic complete with white paper spaghetti and pink pipe cleaner lemonade. Leah made Carly and I a delicious meal.

Leah: is starting to really read well. It's fun to have her read books to us. She is also designing and planning her own bakery. It's fun to encourage her to think about all the things she will need for it and what type of sweets and treats she wants to offer. She still says she is going to be a doctor or teacher when she grows up.

Carly: is alphabet obsessed. She calls all letters "super letters". She can spell her name and recognize most of the letters of the alphabet - upper and lower case. She can also count to twelve and recognize most numbers up to 10. I'm amazed by her knowledge and how she communicates with us. Her language skills blow me away sometimes. And speaking of blowing me away, she has started climbing out of her crib. AND THINKS IT'S FUNNY!! We are encouraging her to call us. It worked with Leah. But I'm not so sure it will work with the little daredevil.