Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Camp Rock Camp In

If any of you watch the Disney channel, you know they've been advertising Camp Rock for months now. I've been asked several times a day if Camp Rock was on yet. Well Friday was finally the day. Leah could not have been more excited. We let her stay up to watch it and decided to have a camp-in. This was a BIG treat because the movie started at her bedtime. She got in her PJs, brought down her sleeping bag and flashlight and we had popcorn with M&M's (another treat). The movie was cute and has a decent rewatch value. We've seen it twice since Friday. Plus the music is fun and Leah is a big dancer and singer. I think at times she was more amusing and entertaining.

Here's a pic of her new haircut. Granted this was taken a month ago on her last day of preschool.

Friday, June 6, 2008

May in Review

Well life it getting back to a slower pace these days and I'm so glad! Here are some of our May happenings.

1. Dan graduated! Way to go love! We are so proud of you!

2. Leah finished year 1 of preschool. She has changed and grown so much this school year. She's already asking if she can go straight to kindergarten. Ummm, no. I love the 4-5 year range. I really wish I could just freeze her!

3. Carly turned 10 months. Can you believe it? 10 months already! She loves eating regular, people food. Some favorites: pancakes, nectarines, grapes (peeled), blueberries (again peeled), yogurt, green beans and carrots. And of course, cheerios! Other Carly happenings: 6 teeth, almost walking, will try and climb ANYTHING, is way too curious and into everything, will hardly sit still for a simple book - she has to stand and then try and chew the pages.

4. Lots of parties: birthday parties, graduation parties, preschool parties

Wii got it!

So Dan totally surprised Leah and I last night with a Wii and WiiFit! i can't even begin to tell you how excited Leah was (and me too!). I am not a great fan of the video game but I LOVE the Wii. Dan and I stayed up playing with it until 1am last night! We won't talk about our fitness levels and fitness age. Let's just say we've got some improving to do. Okay, maybe a lot but I did have 2 babies. Oh what fun we had! We bowled, hula-hooped, skiied, slolam raced and more.

Leah didn't see it until this morning and she was so excited! Her favorite, for now, is bowling. And she even beat Dan this morning. Let's not rub that in his face, shall we? We're having lots of fun with it and I think it will be a fun way to add a twist to our family fun nights!

Want to play with us? Come on over, it'll be fun!