Friday, June 12, 2009

New Things

Lately it seems like Carly is doing more and more new things.

She loves nursery rhymes and one of her favorites right now is Bumpity-Bumpity. You may know this as Humpty-Dumpty. She will even say the last word of each sentence in the rhyme if you pause to let her.

Yesterday we did Ring Around the Rosy. We've been doing it ever since. She loves to fall down and then laughs, laughs, laughs.

When she climbs a ladder to the slide or climbs up on a chair she says, "Up we go."

She's even gone on the potty. #1 and #2 but not regularly. I tried to put her in training pants one day but she did not care that she peed in her pants. I'm thinking she's not quite ready.

This past week when I lay her down for her nap or put her down for bedtime, she'll blow me a kiss and say "bye-bye". It's so sweet!

She loves to play outside. When she's not sliding, you can find her pushing her baby around in the stroller for a walk.

She's starting to really get into pretend play. Her favorite thing is to crawl around like a cat saying "meow, meow". Funny girl!