Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Hoopla!

Well we survived a very fun and very crazy Christmas and New Years! This was Leah's first "real" Christmas! She totally understood the whole Santa-thing. Even wrote and mailed him a letter and received a response! She only asked for one thing, The Rose Petal Cottage. Good thing Santa was able to find it for her (after lots of shopping and online searching). It was the hit gift for her. And for her friends when they came over on New Years Eve to ring in the New Year! Well, okay, they really only rang in until about 8 o'clock. But hey, the kids were only 3 and younger! I would have to say she's a little overloaded on gifts though. We have put some away so in a couple weeks/month she'll still have new toys to play with. One of my goals for this year is to start the whole toy-rotating thing. First we have to get organized and declutter!

Our dear Carly on the other hand was still sleeping (she's so easy!!) when Leah got up so Leah had her own Christmas for a while. She (Carly) got just a couple things. Thankfully we don't have to do the "even" amount of gift things yet. Hopefully we have a couple years before that starts. But she loves her sing along stage and her new teethers. I can't wait til those first few (we think 4 are coming in at once) break through. Our very sweet and laid-back girl gets a little fussy with teething. Just like her big sister though, Orajel is our best friend! It's like a magic drug for her. And mama's favorite gift for her - her new Ohio State bow! She needs some new digs for the big game on Monday! Go Bucks!! And Carly LOVES to watch football. That's my girl for sure! Whenever football is on she cranes her neck, angles or rolls her body so she can see the tv. It's a funny, funny thing!
So Christmas was really fun with gift opening and then traveling to Big Papa's house (my grandpa) and then on to my mom's house. What a busy, crazy day!! I think we finally got settled for the night around 9pm. Long day for my girls! And they never sleep the first night at Mimi's house. It actually took 3 nights this time. Dan and I were so tired!! Our last night at my mom's they finally slept!
Now we are in recovery mode and getting back on schedule! Carly bounces back much easier than Leah. But one postive thing is that Leah is asking to go back to school! That's a miracle for sure!
I'll post some holiday pics once I find my camera! It's lost in the holiday mess! :)

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