Friday, May 9, 2008

word association begins...

Well I don't think na-na was a fluke. Carly is definitely working on putting some things together. Here's her vocab breakdown...not to be performed on demand. Thank you very much she says.

na-na = banana

da-da = daddy (in most families. Her daddy is "papa")

papa = papa (nomally said with a brief pause between the syllables)

mmmmm - I'm sure this is supposed to be mama, which I've only heard a handful of times. I mean I know she's her papa's girl but c'mon, I'm the mama!

la-la = we think this may be Leah. Although Leah wants to be called Lee-Lee. Which Dan and I called Leah when she was in the womb and always thought that would be the nickname we called her. Not so.

ba = ball and block, but mostly balls

bye-bye: now we've only head this a couple times but we're working on adding it to her budding vocabulary. Watch out Webster!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

you say na-na, I say banana

As Carly was eating her lunch today, she looked at the jar and said "na-na". So I turned the jar around and sure enough there was a banana on the jar. Of course I'm sure she knew it was a banana so I praised her for being so smart and reinforced the word "banana". Some may call this a fluke, I'm calling her brilliant! :) That's what the mama is for, right?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

at the firestation...

According to Leah, here's what the firemen do at the firestation:

1. Wash their trucks
2. Rescue cats from trees
3. put water on fires

About sums it up.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lost Dog

So Dan and I were out for a bit tonight running some errands. Our goal was to get new glasses, a new blind for the bathroom and some groceries. Fun stuff huh? As we headed to our first store we saw a dog darting down the parking lot. We thought it was a little odd and saw no owner chasing the dog. There was a PetSmart in the plaza so we thought maybe it made a break from the store and wasn't looking back. That dog was fast! We went into the store, didn't buy our glasses and started to head to our next stop. That's when we met the dog's owner. She left the window slightly down and the dog escaped while she was in a store. Guess it was down a little too far. We told her where we last saw the dog, took her number in case we saw it again, and went on our merry way to the next store but looking for the dog along the way. But we couldn't just not find the dog. Now I do not care for pets in the least (sorry for you pet lovers) but it's nice that other people do and we felt bad because she felt so bad. Now if it was one of my precious children it would be a different story. I guess some pet owners feel their pets are their children, so the feeling must be similar. Plus the daughter was with the mom and who wants to disappoint a child? We went one direction, no dog. Went another way, no dog. Went back to the plaza we first saw the dog at and asked some ladies if they saw the dog. They pointed us in the opposite direction where they last spotted it. We headed that way and lo and behold the dog. We tried to call the owner, no answer. Dan tried to call the dog but it darted off again. Fortunately it stopped not too far away. I'm continuing to call the lady, still no answer. We saw her driving in our direction. Dan flags her down, she spots the dog now and calls it. What happens next? It darts off again! Pets! So we follow her following the dog. You didn't think we could continue shopping now do you? The dog runs a bit farther and finally stops. The owner gets out and calls the dog. It starts to run but right to her this time. Yahoo! The dog is safely and tightly in the owner's arms. Rescue mission accomplished.

We retold this story to Leah when we got home. When we got to the part of Dan calling the dog, Leah asks, "The dog has a phone?"