Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sweet Leah

Many times I think about one word that I would use to sum up my girls - like one word would really do it, but I think about it. And since the minute Leah was born it was "sweet". And she still is. Her sweet, tender heart. Her sweet smile. But sometimes what's under her "sweetness" rears its ugly head and yesterday was one of those days. Usually the sweetness disappears if she doesn't get her nap in or keeps pushing her nap time later or if she's hungry. This was one of those pushing back nap times for her. As I was feeding Carly she decided to let all the ugliness out and of course I was fairly defenseless as I was feeding. After a spanking and sending her to her room, where I hoped she would lay on her bed and fall asleep, the ugliness continued. Yelling, screaming, crying, etc. What fun! After I fed Carly I went to deal with Leah. We talked and got her settled down and then eventually settled for her nap, but the really sweet and tender moment came during our nighttime prayers. I asked her how her behavior was that day and she said, "Bad. Do you think God is mad at me?" I assured her that he wasn't mad but maybe disappointed in how she acted, but that He still loved her - even more that Mama and Papa do. So as she prayed (all by herself) she apologized to God and asked for forgiveness and thanked Him for loving her even when she's not behaving. It was a long prayer and she sang it too which made it even sweeter and more precious. When she got up this morning she couldn't wait to tell Papa about her prayer and that God loves her more than Mama and Papa do. I love you sweet Leah!

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