Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday Carly!

Can you believe it? Carly is 6 months old today! Happy half-birthday precious one! Here's what she's accomplished in 6 short months.

Gained 11.3 lbs
Grew 8.25 inches
Has 1 tooth
Besides her bottle, she can eat oatmeal, green beans, carrots, peas and applesauce
Can say 'mmmmmm'
Can laugh when she's happy (which is about all the time!)
Can cry when she's sad (tired) , mad (mainly hungy) or when she's hurt (those bad shots!)
Can smile
Can roll from her back to her belly
Can sit up
Can actually play with toys and not just chew them (which she still likes to do)
Can sleep about 16 hrs a day
Can stand to be kissed about a jillion times a day (who can resist those cheeks!)
Is fascinated by her big sister Leah and football on TV
Loves the B-I-N-G-O song (especially when you say the letter B - it cracks her up)
Loves to watch her Papa when he's home

Such a big girl Carly! We love you with all our hearts! (Leah's favorite way to say I love you)

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