Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bitter disappointment...

Ahhh, I started to write this great post (well I thought it was great anyway) yesterday but then wasn't able to finish it due to gymnastics (Leah), work (me), and getting our tv replaced (long story but in a nutshell we have been waiting since thanksgiving to get it fixed and they approved a replacement so we had to take it back and get a new one) and then it was game time. So much anticipation, so much hope, so much riding on the line and now this Adkins house - well at least the mama Adkins is in a state of unhappiness and disappointment today. Oh Bucks!! I told Leah that they lost last night (they were up 10-0 when she went to bed) and she said, "WHAT! That is SO unfair!" Yes my little buckeye girl, it is unfair but that's part of life. I still love my buckeyes but I would like to be a national champ today!

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