Thursday, May 14, 2009

Teddy Bear Picnics

Carly has really been into picnics lately. She loves to spread out a blanket and eat her breakfast or lunch on it with Leah. Yesterday she decided that her bears and other various babies and animal friends should picnic with her. So she set them all up in a circle, set out plates, utensils, cups, and food from the play kitchen and had a picnic with them. It's is so cute!

Today, since Leah doesn't have preschool, she got to join in on the picnic. Carly is "feeding" Pooh Bear, Leah, Minnie Mouse, and herself with pretend cheese, strawberries, broccoli, chicken nuggets, all while saying "mmmmm" with every bite or drink. I would love to snap a picture but the camera's is upstairs and I don't want to disturb the picnic.

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