Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Childhood Flashback

Let's just start by saying that it is so pretty outside! We have inches of snow and huge, falling flakes. We would so be outside playing if Leah didn't have a cold/fever that's kept her out of dance yesterday and school today.Since it's snowy and cold out, plus Leah's a tad under the weather, we had chicken noodle soup for lunch. Nothing too unusual since Leah loves soup. But today I made PB&J on saltine crackers. Have you ever had that? I remember my mom making them for us when we were little. LOVE THEM! Thanks Mom! My girls loved them too. Carly ate almost 3 cracker sandwiches alone! Leah wanted to make her own and she decided to add some apple pieces on hers. Of course I had to try them for her and they were pretty good. It was fun to share something I loved as a little girl with them.

What about you? Do you have any special childhood food memories that you have shared with your little ones?

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Allecia said...

Get better Leah! Kaden looks at your blog and says "Those the ones who give me Handy Manny?" :o) Enjoy your snow...we've got some, but not as much as you guys.