Friday, January 23, 2009

5 Random Things

So I couldn't think of a five theme for today. Maybe my brain is fried from everyone being sick...again. Thankfully we are all better now. So here we go...

1. My favorite pizza toppings: pepperoni and banana peppers
2. Carly is obsessed with baby dolls (she calls them na-na's) and Dora and will carry as many things as she can in her arms. This week she had 5 baby dolls in her arms at one. Usually it's babies but sometimes it's blankets, books, combination of different things.
3. Leah will be turning 5 in couple weeks and we are having so much fun planning her Fancy Nancy Tea Party.
4. It's a balmy 46 degrees outside and it's giving me spring fever today.
5. I'm currently reading The Bible in One Year. I'm determined to actually do it this year but I'm a few days behind.

Any random things you want to share with me?

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