Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Happenings

Here are some of the happenings going on around this house lately.

Leah and Carly LOVE playing with empty cardboard boxes. The boxes have been boats, toy carriers (esp. for baby dolls), cars, and trains. Why do we bother with toys?

The girls also love to play with deflated helium balloons. Leah got one from a birthday party on Sunday and Monday afternoon we tried to see if we could keep the balloon up in the air. Carly got a kick out of the balloon hitting her head or trying to catch it. It was quite funny to watch her try to catch the balloon. Pretty entertaining that balloon was.

Carly is still obsessed with Dora. She is also becoming quite the little parrot and will try to repeat anything you say. Her newest words are: spoon, sock, shoe, bowl, spoon, banana (progressed from just na-na), balloon, ball (well this isn't really new but anything that's round is a ball, including peas). She's finally getting her animal sounds too and can point to almost any animal in her favorite book for the moment, the Little People Animal book. She's identifying her body parts too. Most likely if you hold her she will "beep, beep" you nose. Her top words are probably: Leah, Dora, Mama, Papa and ball.

Leah is busy planning her 5th birthday party. Forget Christmas, she's already planned out her list and has moved on to her birthday. The theme for now is Fancy Nancy. The one thing she is bonkers about is this doll that goes potty. Baby Go-Go I think it is. Why the fascination with a doll that goes potty?? We have told her that Santa wouldn't be able to bring that to her. Cruel? Probably, but she is also asking Santa for two American Girl dolls. Since they are best friends they HAVE to come together she told me. She's also busy planning our Disney trip that's fast approaching and is SO EXCITED to see her cousins. The one thing that she HAS to do while we're at Disney is...everything. Sounds like we'll be quite busy while we are there.

What fun stuff has been happening in your home?

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