Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Randomness

There are a few things that I forgot about that I wanted to add to the last post.

1. I had a $1 off each gallon of gas at my last fill-up, so I was able to get gas for 64 cents a gallon! My total cost was $10.75. Exciting!

2. Carly is not only obsessed with Dora but also with Mickey/Minnie, Pooh Bear, and books. She should be a riot on our Disney trip in a few weeks.

3. Carly has started saying "shhhh" and holding a finger up to her mouth when she says it when I tell her someone or something is sleeping. It's precious!

4. Leah is hooked on soup. I think she would eat it at every meal. She's requesting my mom's potato soup when we go there for the Thanksgiving weekend. And she also LOVES the creamy, wild rice soup from Tastefully Simple. I'm wondering how much a case of that would be? Wouldn't that be fun to see under the tree?


Allecia said...

When do you leave for Disney? Sounds good to me! How's Dan feeling and are the finals over? Been praying! Love you friend!

Kelly said...

hey, girl -- I've been sending some emails but if you're responding to them, I'm not getting it. (or maybe you're not getting them!) Our email is screwed up. I'll let you know when it's fixed....

Mamabug said...

Hey Allecia - We leave a week from Saturday - the 13th. Yahooo!! Give little Marin a kiss! Can't wait to meet her!