Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Favs III

Favorite Book (of the week): Twilight by Stephenie Meyer I could not put this book down. In fact I would have stayed up all night reading it but I knew what the consequences would be. I'm waiting for the next one in the series from the library but I'm not sure how patient I can be.

Favorite new toy: Her Boo doll from Monsters, Inc.
Favorite activity: Planning our Disney/FL trip for December.
Favorite nighttime music: We're back to Dora. I'm thinking big sis was getting a little jealous of Carly's newfound Dora addiction.

Favorite book/toy: Anything Dora. She is officially Dora obsessed. Can spot anything Dora and can say Dora now.
Favorite cereal: Yogurt Burst Cheerios or Strawberry Chex. She needs to see and have both kinds of cereal on her tray for breakfast.
Favorite drink: Yogurt smoothies. She would not put her cup down to take a breath and got so mad at me when I tried to make her take a break from chugging her drink. Reminds me of when Leah had her first juice box and drank it in about three seconds flat with no breath.
Favorite nighttime music: lullabies - this week we're playing Heavenly Lullabies that Mimi got her.

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