Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Favorites II

Happy Friday! By far my favorite of the week is today - our 10 year anniversary!! YAHOO!! I have this thing with double digits and I love this one! Happy anniversary my sweet, loving, wonderful husband! You are my perfect gift and my life is blessed because of you and your love! Now let's work on 75 more!

For my ladybugs - it has been a hard week for them. Both came down with a little stomach bug. Carly was first and then Leah. Both seem to be back to normal and feeling good!

Let's move on to those favorites.


Favorite Leah sayings:
1. For sure - her version is "fur schrizzle"

2. For real - "for real life"

3. Our favorite bedtime ritual: We always say "sweet dreams" but over the last few months it has evolved to traveling to Candyland where we meet at random, made-up places (candy castle, ice cream bar, candy car lot, chocolate river, etc.). It's a fun way to see where we're going to meet in our dreams and to talk about the next morning. You'll have to ask Leah about her Hot Fudge car some day.


1. Favorite Carly action: Carly has started to jump and it's the funniest thing. She will squat down and then pop up and has even managed to get lift-off (both feet off the ground) once. The down side is she loses her balance quite easily and got a nice goose egg on her precious forehead. I need to try and get some video of my little popper.

2. Favorite character: She is all about Dora right now. She loves to listen to the Dora CD, constantly carries around this little Dora board book from the library which we seem to always read now too, and since she has to always have something in both hands (remember this?) she loves to play with Leah's Dora doll that has the twin babies because she can carry them both around.

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