Friday, June 6, 2008

Wii got it!

So Dan totally surprised Leah and I last night with a Wii and WiiFit! i can't even begin to tell you how excited Leah was (and me too!). I am not a great fan of the video game but I LOVE the Wii. Dan and I stayed up playing with it until 1am last night! We won't talk about our fitness levels and fitness age. Let's just say we've got some improving to do. Okay, maybe a lot but I did have 2 babies. Oh what fun we had! We bowled, hula-hooped, skiied, slolam raced and more.

Leah didn't see it until this morning and she was so excited! Her favorite, for now, is bowling. And she even beat Dan this morning. Let's not rub that in his face, shall we? We're having lots of fun with it and I think it will be a fun way to add a twist to our family fun nights!

Want to play with us? Come on over, it'll be fun!


Anonymous said...

I want to play! I want to play! Jason's been talking about this on and off for the past couple weeks. You guys would be a good advertisement for it! Enjoy!

School's out now, so let's get together soon! I miss you!

Weed said...


We miss you guys. You'd think we'd run into you more often at church, but it just doesn't seem to happen. We'll have to get together soon.