Friday, May 9, 2008

word association begins...

Well I don't think na-na was a fluke. Carly is definitely working on putting some things together. Here's her vocab breakdown...not to be performed on demand. Thank you very much she says.

na-na = banana

da-da = daddy (in most families. Her daddy is "papa")

papa = papa (nomally said with a brief pause between the syllables)

mmmmm - I'm sure this is supposed to be mama, which I've only heard a handful of times. I mean I know she's her papa's girl but c'mon, I'm the mama!

la-la = we think this may be Leah. Although Leah wants to be called Lee-Lee. Which Dan and I called Leah when she was in the womb and always thought that would be the nickname we called her. Not so.

ba = ball and block, but mostly balls

bye-bye: now we've only head this a couple times but we're working on adding it to her budding vocabulary. Watch out Webster!

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