Monday, March 23, 2009

My Carly is 20 months!

I can't believe my baby is 20 months old today! In honor off all her cuteness, here are 20 random things about her.

1. She ADORES her big sister Leah. That is the sunshine in her life.

2. She is very loving. Loves to give hugs and kisses and snuggles.

3. She is still OBSESSED with Dora and when she gets corrected or is in trouble she cries for Dora like that's her saving grace.

4. Blueberries are her favorite fruit followed closely by dried cherries.

5. She is not much of a meat eater.

6. Her favorite song right now is "Wheels on the Bus."

7. Her favorite book is Princess Baby by Karen Katz or if she finds a Dora book.

8. She can open all the doors in our house - not a good thing.

9. She is a very determined girl.

10. She thinks that anything Leah can do, so can she. There's a lot of Monkey See, Monkey Do going on around our house lately.

11. She loves to be outside and to "ride" her bike.

12. She loves the slides and swings at the park.

13. She's really good at kicking the soccer ball.

14. We're working on the alphabet and she can say almost every letter and can spell OHIO (repeating not on her own...yet).

15. She is always carrying something around in her arms - snugglies, babies, bears, dolls, etc. And there is at least two things.

16. She can say around 60 words and is starting to say some phrases like, "Hi Papa, Hi Eah, Hi Mama" or "up Mama".

17. She knows all the Diney princess. Ella is for both Cinderella and Snow White. She will not try to say Snow White, it's always Ella and Aurora is Rura.

18. She loves to thump against the crib when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up. We can't wait for this to stop!

19. She loves to help switch the laundry and unload the dishwasher.

20. In her language, all bears are ewe-ewes and babies are na-nas.

This picture is of her using a spoon to eat yogurt. As you can see, the spoon was not utilized very well.

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Emilytown said...

She's so adorable. They grow up so fast! I can't believe she's 20 months. Maybe she needs a little brother.....