Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Miss Popular

Over the last few weeks at preschool I've been noticing how popular my Leah is. One day I picked her up first, which is a rarity, and all the kids were waving and shouting, "Bye Leah." I've never heard them do that for any other student before. Hmmm.

Today a little boy was waiting outside the classroom to wave bye to her after his mom picked him up. Hmmm.

Another girl, who got moved to a different class, always gives Leah a hug as we walk out through the gym. Her class just happens to have play time as Leah's class is dismissing.

Then we have Alex and Anthony. Twin boys who have popped up on Leah's radar. They are her "new best friends" as she declared today. She even asked me to curl her hair today because that's how boys like it. Oh my, I am so not ready for this. And when they arrived at school this morning she was giddy as a school girl. Hmm.

Not to mention that we get asked for more playdates than we have "free" time for.

I think we're going to have to watch out for our little Miss Popular!
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Kelly said...

Keep an eye on that girl or Aunt Kelly will have to have a talk with her!

I am liking the new blog look :)

Allecia said...

I love it! No wonder she's enjoying school this year! Not that I EVER doubted that a child of yours would have lots of friends! Miss you my dear friend!