Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The shot trauma

Well I have lots to write and post about Leah's 4th birthday bash that lasted all weekend. But yesterday she had her 4 year check up. What trauma! First she doesn't really like new people at all (sorry to all of you!) but then add going to the doctor's where I assured her she wouldn't get any shots. Just her height (95 percentile), weight (75 percentile), blood pressure (just a hug on her arm) and then we would have to answer some of the docs questions about how she slept, what she ate, etc., etc. Then we find out that she should get the HepA vaccine. Whoa! I'm so glad Dan was with me because I could not have held down my suddenly wild-child. She was like a child possessed. It was crazy! How in the world do you calm, reason, comfort, restrain a very determined girl? I don't look forward to her next check up where I know more shots await. Sorry sweet Leah!!

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Weed said...

Awwww...poor Leah! And poor you and Dan!! It sounds awful.

Hey, I wanted to say thanks for the recommendation for that book--"Time for Bed." R LOVES it and asks for it every night (and several times during the day, too).